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Male Breast Reduction Newport Beach

Male Breast Reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that is used to treat gynecomastia. The condition of gynecomastia commonly occurs in many men, some of whom may outgrow it, while others may require surgical intervention to achieve the more normal male breast appearance they desire. Gynecomastia is the over-development of breast tissue in men that […]

Breast Lift Newport Beach

The Breast Lift is a surgical procedure that is designed to rejuvenate the appearance of sagging breasts. Breast Lift surgery is sought out by women often after they have had multiple pregnancies and nursed, or after a significant weight loss has left their breasts prematurely aged and sagging. Some women may simply wish to lift […]

Brow Lifts Newport Beach

As one of the most expressive areas of the face, the eyebrows can be a prominent aspect of our appearance. For some of us, the signs of aging are most obvious around the eyebrows, as they may sag and droop in a way that leaves us looking tired. Fortunately, there are brow lifts, rejuvenating cosmetic […]

Breast Reduction Newport Beach

Breast Reduction surgery, or Reduction Mammaplasty, is a procedure that has helped many women reclaim their lives after struggling with pain and discomfort for years. Excess breast fat can cause a number of physical issues such as pain in the back, neck and shoulders, and painful indentations from bra straps. Overly large breasts can cause […]

Tummy Tuck Newport Beach

Tummy Tuck surgery is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure designed to improve the appearance of the mid-section by removing the excess sagging skin and tightening stretched out abdominal muscles. The mid-section is an area of the body that many people struggle to tone, especially after a significant weight loss or pregnancy. The Tummy Tuck surgery […]

Chin Augmentation Newport Beach

Chin augmentation is a procedure that is relatively simple and is an excellent way to restore balance your appearance. The chin plays a subtle but important role in your overall facial balance and harmony, so a chin that is overly prominent or lacking may undermine your appearance. Chin augmentation typically involves chin implants. Chin implants […]

Breast Augmentation Candidates Newport Beach

Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed. Many women opt for the breast augmentation to enhance breasts they feel are disproportionately small, to restore breasts that have lost volume after weight fluctuations or having children, or to correct a severe breast asymmetry. Breast augmentation is achieved most commonly through the […]

Blepharoplasty Newport Beach

Those who are concerned about the signs of aging on the eyelids may be candidates for the blepharoplasty technique. A blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that refreshes the appearance of the eyelids. It is tailored to treat each individual according to their goals. As time goes by, the skin of the eyelids can sag and […]

Thigh Lift Newport Beach

Aging affects the body in many different ways. As time passes, the skin loses its ability to cope with the effects of gravity and tends to sag. Sagging often affects the arms, stomach, breasts, buttocks and thighs. If sagging in the thighs concerns you, a thigh lift may be an ideal solution. The thigh lift is […]

Breast Enhancement Newport Beach

breast enhancement

Breast Enhancement is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the United States today and is achieved most often through the use of breast implants. In some cases, newer techniques such as a fat transfer are being used where fat is harvested from another area of the patient’s body and re-inserted into the breasts for […]

Our Reviews

  • - Written on January 27, 2018

    “Thank you so much for your time and generosity!”

    Dr. Sundine,

    Thank you so much for your time and generosity! I just love my results and feel fortunate to have had you as my surgeon

    P.S. Have a healthy, happy, & prosperous New Year

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  • - Written on February 1, 2018


    Excellent. I found Dr. Sundine to be a very competent surgeon and a really good person. His personal manner made a sometimes difficult, time-consuming process (tissue expansion) much easier. I’m glad we pursued the expansion option and I was fortunate to have had him as my surgeon. I recommend Dr. Sundine to anyone who is in need of Plastic / Reconstructive Surgery.

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  • - Written on February 1, 2018


    Dr. Sundine is an outstanding doctor. His technique, his expertise and the care with which he approached my surgery were exceptional. I wasn’t surprised. I chose him because I knew that his training and skills are terrific. Dr. Sundine and his staff still exceeded my expectations, however, and the complete experience – consultation, surgery and follow-up– have been wonderful. As I did, I encourage everyone to do your due diligence and research alternatives, but at the end of the day there is no better choice than Dr. Sundine. Amazing results…

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  • - Written on February 1, 2018

    “I RECOMMEND HIM 100%”

    Dr. Sundine is a gifted, highly trained plastic surgeon who achieves amazing, natural looking, aesthetic results in facial and body plastic surgery. My facelift is 4 years old. Even people who don’t know me comment I look wonderful. Others often ask me about Dr. Sundine… …and of course I recommend him 100%. In addition to being highly skilled and knowledgeable Dr. Sundine is caring, compassionate, communicative and professional. Finally, his office staff is friendly and efficient. I have never waited more than 5 minutes..

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  • - Written on February 1, 2018

    “Dr. Sundin did a terrific job”

    Dear Dr. Sundine & staff, Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I loved your caring & professional work. Dr. Sundin did a terrific job on a very hard surgery below my right eye due to a skin cancer removal. I will recommend him to all I come in contact with. Thanks again and I owe you all a big hug & sincere thanks to all you did for me. L.A.

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  • - Written on February 12, 2018

    “He truly deserved the highest reviews on every level”

    I gave Dr. Sundine the highest possible review in each category because he truly deserved the highest reviews on every level. I am a very well recognized lawyer on the West Coast. My firm has spent millions of dollars on television advertising in which I appear. I could not afford to have a bad face lift or even for people to notice I had a face lift at all. I interviewed many physicians including some of the “celebrity” physicians. Ultimately, I chose Dr. Sundine because he performs highly complex complete facial reconstruction procedures on children.

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  • - Written on February 4, 2018

    “Special thank you to Dr. Sundine! So happy!!”

    My keloid surgery was an absolute success. I am so pleased with the results and grateful to the staff pre & post surgery. I was so nervous and scared to precede w/ the procedure. For I never had a surgery or general anesthesia before.:(

    Dr. Sundine with his exceeding professionalism gave me gentle kind assurance that all will be fine. In addition, educated me to his full knowledge and experience in detail what to expect. I felt safe and secure in his hands. Very kind soul. Post surgery I had radiation at another location, and it was a success. I am still in the healing process and my ear aesthetically looks next to perfect. I’m free of the disfigurement and I have a renewed confidence keloid Free!! :-)

    It was like 1 2 3!!

    Thank you Dr. Sundine, the friendly staff/ nurses You ALL Rock!! & I couldn’t ask for any better.:)

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  • - Written on September 19, 2017


    Dr. Sundine and his staff were absolutley wonderful ! Very personable, caring and professional. His nurse Toni was so kind and answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. The procedure went very well, with very little bruising or down time. Dr. Sundine is truly an exceptional plastic surgeon and I will definitely be using his services in the future. Thank you very much Dr Sundine and your magnificent team !

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  • - Written on September 19, 2017


    I chose Dr. Sundine because he is an expert in a highly regarded surgical technique that delivers a completely natural result. It takes longer on the operating table and it requires specialized training which many doctors just don’t want to invest in. The results, however, are nothing short of spectacular.

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