By Michael Sundine, MD
Do you have fine lines and wrinkles? Acne scars? Sun damaged skin with irregular pigmentation? Dr. Sundine is proud to offer Lasering USA’s MiXto Fractionated CO2 laser to his patients for treatment of these conditions. The MiXto laser has been named the best non-surgical facial rejuvenation device at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas for the third straight year. By using a patented scanning system the MiXto laser delivers a precise configuration of pulses which penetrate the dermis of the skin. The effect is to tighten the skin and stimulate the development of collagen to rejuvenate the skin. The laser also helps to remove superficial changes in the skin such as age spots and irregular pigmentation. Dr. Sundine has obtained excellent results using the laser for the treatment of acne scars as well. In contrast to previous CO2 laser resurfacing procedures there is healthy skin surrounding each “dot” produced by the laser. This minimizes the time to heal from the laser treatment. This new technology allows us to treat areas that were not able to be treated using other laser technologies. We are now able to treat the neck, décolletage (upper chest), and even the hands! The down time from this laser treatment averages about 7 days. When you have completely healed from the procedure you may apply some makeup that is safe after resurfacing. This is the best time of year to reverse the damage to your skin from last summer with time to recover before the holidays!