By Michael Sundine, MD
Skin laxity is one of the crucial elements when it comes to aging. As your skin’s laxity diminishes over time, the skin loses its ability to bounce back and stay perky. This process is what leads to wrinkles, loss of volume and the general appearance of aging. With Radiesse, there is a tool to help you reduce the appearance of aging and look younger. Radiesse is a filler that works by adding volume to sunken areas of the skin and boosting the skin’s ability to produce collagen. The injection features a compound called calcium hydroxylapatite, which stimulates collagen production and adds an immediate boost of volume. Radiesse is FDA-approved, and the results last up to a year or more. Speak with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Michael Sundine to learn more about the rejuvenating effects of volumizing fillers. Contact us at our office in [fourthly_city] to schedule a consultation.