By Michael Sundine, MD
Breast AugmentationOne of the most popular and well known types of plastic surgery is breast augmentation. There are many reasons that women choose the procedure, and each procedure is detailed to follow the needs and goals of the patient. The procedural technique involved with breast enhancement can vary in many ways, such as where the incisions will be made to insert implants. Breast augmentation requires an incision if breast implants are involved. Saline implants typically require a smaller incision compared to silicone implants, because saline implants are inserted empty and filled afterward. The patient has the option of where the incisions are going to be made. Potential locations are underneath the breast, around the nipple, the armpit or down by the belly button. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Michael Sundine to determine which options are right for you. Contact us at our office in [fourthly_city] if you would like to know more about breast augmentation.