By Michael Sundine, MD
FaceliftThere are a huge number of things you can do to make your face appear younger and refreshed, but there are few solutions more effective and long-lasting than a facelift. Sagging around the cheeks, creases around the eyelids, loose skin of the neck that appears to be a double chin and wrinkles are just some of the signs of aging that can be treated. Depending on what effects you want, the treatment can be tailored to best fulfill your aesthetic goals. Discuss your personal objectives with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Michael Sundine. During a consultation, your face will be examined, and the doctor will help you determine the best course of action. With a facelift, there are a few options available in terms of how the surgery will be performed. The location of the incisions can vary based on the type of lifting necessary. An incision can be made below the earlobes, higher along the hairline or further back around the ears. Contact us at our office in [fourthly_city] if you would like to learn more about the facelift.