By Michael Sundine, MD
The skin is our first layer of protection against the elements. Over time, our skin eventually begins to experience wear and tear due to too much sun exposure, wind and aging. Acne, discoloration, age spots and stretch marks can mar your appearance. But with laser skin resurfacing, you can give yourself a refreshed, evenly toned skin layer. Laser skin resurfacing is a skin treatment that uses advanced laser technology to penetrate deep into the skin. The laser energy heats the deep layer of the skin, which stimulate collagen production. The collagen production heals the skin and is a vital element of keeping your skin tight and firm. After your treatment, it’s recommended that you protect your skin with moisturizers and sun screen. To learn more about laser skin resurfacing, speak with Dr. Michael Sundine, who has more than 23 years of experience. Contact us at our office in [fourthly_city] to schedule a consultation.