Scarless Mole Removal


Many patients have moles and other visible skin lesions. The presence of these lesions may cause anxiety or cause the patients to be self-conscious about their appearance. The patients would like to have the lesions removed but are also worried about replacing the lesion with a scar. Thankfully newer technologies have been developed that allow for removal of the lesions with minimal to no scar. Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Sundine has been utilizing the CO₂ laser for over 25 years for the treatment of various skin conditions.

A woman with moles on her face --Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Sundine

What is Scarless Mole Removal?

The CO₂ laser is an ablative laser that will progressively vaporize layers of tissue until the area is now even with the surrounding skin. The CO₂ laser is the gold standard laser for resurfacing the skin. The laser is frequently used for skin tightening, and treatment of acne scarring and stretch marks, and will also improve superficial pigmentations. The CO₂ laser is also an excellent tool for scarless or near-scarless removal of moles as it can be focused onto the mole which will be incrementally ablated until it is gone.

Scarless Mole Removal -- Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Sundine

What Are The Benefits

Scarless Mole Removal?

Some of the advantages of Scarless Mole Removal in Newport Beach include:

  • Reduces the appearance of protruding moles
  • Treatments are quick and painless
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Lessens the risk of cancer
  • Eliminates any skin irritation caused by moles rubbing against clothing
  • No remaining scarring

Who are the Best Candidates

For Scarless Mole Removal?

Any patient with moles of any size can undergo this treatment, however, the best candidates for a Newport Beach Scarless Mole Removal are those who possess the following characteristics:

  • Want to eliminate a benign and raised mole on their face or body
  • Bothered by a mole’s appearance or location
  • Maintains realistic expectations
  • Committed to a healthy skincare routine
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What’s The First Step?

Treatment in Newport Beach begins with a consultation for evaluation of the lesion(s) that the patient would like removed. Special attention is paid to any pigmented lesions. The presence of asymmetry, uneven borders or notching, irregular color or pigmentation, larger diameter than a pencil eraser, exposed areas, and lesions that have changed and are in evolution are not candidates for ablation and should undergo a standard surgical biopsy to rule out any sort of malignancy.

Once Dr. Sundine has reviewed everything with you, including your medical history, he will create your treatment plan. After this plan is made, our Patient Coordinator will be able to help schedule your first appointment and provide you with instructions on how to make your treatment as successful as possible.

What to expect on the day of Scarless Mole Removal treatment

After the lesion is found to be appropriate for treatment the patient is taken back to the treatment room. The procedure can be performed without using anesthesia but it is best to inject a few drops of local anesthetic solution directly under the lesion so there is no discomfort with the treatment. The skin is gently prepped and appropriate eye protection is used. The laser is then used to shave down the lesion.

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Scarless Mole Removal


The wound care is very simple and consists of a dab of antibiotic ointment over the treated area. The wound is generally healed in 4-10 days. Once the wound is healed it is important to use sunscreen to prevent any hyperpigmentation of the surrounding skin and a resulting dark spot. We would like to see patients back 4-6 weeks following the treatment to see how they are healing.

How much does Scarless Mole Removal cost in Newport Beach, CA?


The cost of Scarless Mole Removal in Newport Beach is based on numerous factors, including the number of lesions you’re looking to remove, and the location and size of the mole, among others. The best way to find out how much your treatment will cost is to come in for an initial consultation with Dr. Sundine so he can create your plan. Our Patient Coordinator will be able to provide you with a complete cost breakdown.

Why Choose Dr. Sundine?

Dr. Michael J. Sundine is a reknowned board-certified plastic surgeon who has written books on plastic surgery, has won numerous awards, but most importantly is expertly trained. Not only will Dr. Sundine be able to provide his expertise but he also exercises compassion and a terrific bedside manner for his Orange County mole removal patients. Dr. Sundine is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS), and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP).

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If you are looking to quickly remove moles or other skin lesions without the pain or downtime of surgery, Scarless Mole Removal in Newport Beach is exactly what you’re looking for! To schedule your consultation with Dr. Sundine, call us at 949-706-3100 or use our website to request your appointment and a member of our team will be in touch with you!

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What I really like about Dr. Sundine is his vast experience and training. I also like the fact he did not try to sell me other procedures. He is also very down to earth and easy to talk to. I am very satisfied with the results and I highly recommend him.

After much research and multiple visits to other surgeons, I knew right away that Dr. Sundine was the perfect choice for me. I felt completely confident in his ability from the first visit to the last. I have been singing his praises to all of my friends and will recommend him to anyone searching for a plastic surgeon. Thanks, Dr. Sundine

Dr. Sundine is an excellent plastic surgeon! I have been using his services for almost 5 years. If you want to look years younger and fully refreshed I highly recommend that you use his services. Patients walk out looking naturally gorgeous, not overdone like some of the women in Orange County!

Dr. Sundine is the best plastic surgeon. Dr. Sundine’s excellent skills and knowledge has made my surgery turn out so well. But more importantly, it made me feel better about myself. Again, thank you Dr. Sundine for all you have done for me. You are the best surgeon!

I gave Dr. Sundine the highest possible review in each category because he truly deserved the highest reviews on every level. I am a very well recognized lawyer on the West Coast. My firm has spent millions of dollars on television advertising in which I appear. I could not afford to have a bad facelift or even for people to notice I had a facelift at all. I interviewed many physicians including some of the “celebrity” physicians. Ultimately, I chose Dr. Sundine.