By Michael Sundine, MD

Importance of Mentors and Training

Performance of a face lift can make a profound difference in appearance of a patient. No procedure in plastic surgery combines the technical difficulty, knowledge of facial anatomy, and appreciation of artistic nuances that are necessary for achieving superior results as the face lift. A face lift must be performed carefully so as to optimize the aesthetic results but the procedure must also avoid visible stigmata associated with face lifting such as widened and visible scars, a tight windswept appearance, distortion of the hairline, and other problems seen with poorly executed face lifts. Dr. Sundine has dedicated his career to providing the optimal results for his face lift patients. To achieve these quality results Dr. Sundine performed a postgraduate fellowship in advanced facial cosmetic surgery with Dr. Bruce Connell. This fellowship training was performed even after completion of a full plastic surgery residency and a fellowship in craniomaxillofacial surgery along with several years of experience in facial reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Dr. Connell is widely regarded as the father of the postmodern face lift. Dr. Sundine worked side-by-side with Dr. Connell for twelve years and has been able to incorporate the nuances taught to him by Dr. Connell for the treatment of his own face lift patients.