Who would have thought after our daughter endured a horrific injury from a sports accident 9 months and 30+ procedures later that she would come out of it with a scar that tells the story but better yet the ability to go about her life normally all due to Dr. Sundine’s commitment, encouragement and passion. Dr. Sundine embarked on an adventure with us that started 7 months ago -that took us through 4 months using a wound vac, 2x a week trips to the surgical center for 5 months, two skin grafts and finally rehab. Wound care was all new to us let alone the process of healing and plastic surgery. His willingness to explain what was going on along the way, words of encouragement and sense of calm made the situation a little less stressful. His ability to make our 12 year old daughter feel safe, make her smile before she went under each time, and for her to have confidence that there would be an end to the madness and that she would be back out on the fields in time was amazing. Every time we see her back out on the fields now we thank Dr. Sundine and Toni for everything they have done for her – we are very lucky that Dr. Sundine came into her life when he did – the outcome could have been very different if he weren’t there for her.