I chose Dr. Sundine because he is an expert in a highly regarded surgical technique that delivers a completely natural result. It takes longer on the operating table and it requires specialized training which many doctors just don’t want to invest in. The results, however, are nothing short of spectacular.

I came to Dr. Sundine to get a facelift and related procedures that would refresh, but not alter, my look. As an executive female in her sixties who runs her own company, it’s critical that I look rested, energized and not “done” after the surgery. The goal was: “me” but better…

Even knowing Dr. Sundine’s outstanding work and reputation, the results exceeded my expectations. Beyond refreshed, Dr. Sundine took years off my appearance but so naturally, that even friends who have known me for many years noted that I looked terrific without knowing exactly how I got there. Needless to say, those whom I have told asked for Dr. Sundine’s contact information immediately and will be booking appointments.

From the first consultation to surgery to follow-up, he and his staff have been wonderful and the results nothing short of exceptional.