Dr. Sundine came highly recommended by our pediatrician, and we are very happy with the results. Our four-year old son had an accident while in Hawaii on vacation, and it resulted in a 1″ cut above his eyebrow. We decided to take him to the emergency room in Hawaii, and they use Dermabond (no stitches). After a few days of healing, he bumped heads with his brother, and the cut reopened, bleeding under the Dermabond. We again took him to the emergency room, and the 2nd ER doctor chose to leave the old Dermabond and opted to add more Dermabond without cleaning the wound. Now, I should have questionned her procedures but under the circumstances, I assumed she knew what she was doing.

By the time we got him to Dr. Sundine, the wound had been persistently bleeding for almost a month and our poor kid had lost 1/2 of his eyebrow, because of the excess Dermabond. Dr. Sundine was patient with us, and provided us options. We chose to have our son go under general anesthesia so that Dr. Sundine could quickly clean the wound, freshen the edges and stitch it properly so that there would be little or no scarring. While that was a difficult decision to make, the easy decision was using Dr. Sundine to perform the surgery on our son. He is a highly skilled surgeon who is fantastic with children, and two weeks after Dr. Sundine’s surgery, our son’s cut was almost completely healed (barely visible), he was back in the water happily swimming, and most of his eyebrow has grown back. Thank you, Dr. Sundine, for your great work!