A year ago next month my little girl fell late one night and the area above her lip popped open like a seam. We went straight to the E.R. and even though they did not have a plastic surgeon on staff we decided to go ahead and have it fixed for fear of infection. After a very long night we went home but the wound site did not look right to me so we took her in to see her pediatrician.

I was given a few plastic surgeons names but only one was willing to see us immediately! Dr. Sundine, and his office staff were wonderful from the start and thankfully we did go in immediately. He needed to operate not only to redo the stitches themselves, but to also avoid any further scarring because of the crosstitching done in the emergency room.

If we had waited, like some of the other plastic surgeons recommended (on the phone) we would not even be able to fix it because of the placement of the wound. In order to excise the scar to create a new one they would have to remove tissue, causing a permanent lip curl!

We operated on my little one the very next day, and a year and 24 stitches later, I HARDLY notice anything at all!! If I see anything it is only because I know where it is!
I cannot thank both Dr. Sundine and Toni enough!
Dr. Sundine’s kind nature, expertise and professionalism are exactly what my little girl needed and deserved! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!