I’m not sure if I will be able to fully convey how my wife and I feel about Dr. Sundine and his office manager Toni, but here it goes. One of our twin sons Lucas was in need of a pretty major surgery. He had what ended up being a large venous malformation on his forehead that needed to be removed. The surgery required an incision from ear to ear across the top of his head so they could pull the forehead skin down to access to the malformation. As a parents, this sounded so scary, but Dr. Sundine being such a caring and patient person was able to bring some piece of mind to my wife and me during such a frightening time. We took our son to several doctors trying to get the best care possible, but as soon as we met Dr. Sundine we knew instantly that we have found the right doctor for our son. As a matter of fact Dr. Sundine was out of network and not covered by our insurance, so we went to battle with our insurance just so our son could be seen by him. To make a long story short, Dr. Sundine performed the surgery at CHOC and everything turned out better than great!!! He is very reassuring with his recommendations and always put our son’s wellbeing first as he said. Currently, Lucas is doing amazing and his scar is almost invisible. I also can’t say enough about Toni, Dr. Sundine’s office manager. She is such an amazing and caring person. She answered all of our question with such compassion and concern; she was so kind and accommodated us in every way possible. Toni truly made the whole process as easy as it could possibly be. If any parent ever wants to call us about Dr. Sundine and our experience please feel free to contact us at (949) 813-3372

Thank You So Much Dr. Sundine and Ms.Toni, and your amazing team and what is more important very kind and caring human beings!!!

With Much Love,