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Dr. Sundine did an AMAZING, FABULOUS, AWESOME job with my tummy tuck, body sculpting and lipo!! I’m extremely picky and I workout all the time and had a pouch and loose skin in my tummy that I just couldn’t get rid of, so for the past year I saved my money so that I could get the surgery and invested time researching . Dr. Sundine made me feel very comfortable and was very patient and answered all of my questions and I had faith in him that he could give me the results that I was looking for. . Wow wow wow did he hit a homerun!! I had my surgery 5 weeks ago and I couldn’t be more happy with my results.

Sherry H 03-30-2017


I gave Dr. Sundine the highest possible review in each category because he truly deserved the highest reviews on every level. I am a very well recognized lawyer on the West Coast. My firm has spent millions of dollars on television advertising in which I appear. I could not afford to have a bad face lift or even for people to notice I had a face lift at all. I interviewed many physicians including some of the “celebrity” physicians. Ultimately, I chose Dr. Sundine because he performs highly complex complete facial reconstruction procedures on children. I figured if he was so skilled that he could perform such incredibly difficult procedures on a child, I was confident he could perform a face lift with which I would be happy. The results were so far beyond my expectations that I could hardly believe. I look literally ten years younger. I am incredibly happy with the results and they seem to get better and better as the healing continues. I never had a problem getting a return call or making an appointment. Dr. Sundine is always pleasant and answers all of my questions. I would recommend him to anyone!!!


I chose Dr. Sundine because he is an expert in a highly regarded surgical technique that delivers a completely natural result. It takes longer on the operating table and it requires specialized training which many doctors just don’t want to invest in. The results, however, are nothing short of spectacular.

I came to Dr. Sundine to get a facelift and related procedures that would refresh, but not alter, my look. As an executive female in her sixties who runs her own company, it’s critical that I look rested, energized and not “done” after the surgery. The goal was: “me” but better…

Even knowing Dr. Sundine’s outstanding work and reputation, the results exceeded my expectations. Beyond refreshed, Dr. Sundine took years off my appearance but so naturally, that even friends who have known me for many years noted that I looked terrific without knowing exactly how I got there. Needless to say, those whom I have told asked for Dr. Sundine’s contact information immediately and will be booking appointments.

From the first consultation to surgery to follow-up, he and his staff have been wonderful and the results nothing short of exceptional.


Dr. Sundine is an outstanding doctor. His technique, his expertise and the care with which he approached my surgery were exceptional. I wasn’t surprised. I chose him because I knew that his training and skills are terrific. Dr. Sundine and his staff still exceeded my expectations, however, and the complete experience – consultation, surgery and follow-up– have been wonderful. As I did, I encourage everyone to do your due diligence and research alternatives, but at the end of the day there is no better choice than Dr. Sundine. Amazing results…


Excellent. I found Dr. Sundine to be a very competent surgeon and a really good person. His personal manner made a sometimes difficult, time-consuming process (tissue expansion) much easier. I’m glad we pursued the expansion option and I was fortunate to have had him as my surgeon. I recommend Dr. Sundine to anyone who is in need of Plastic / Reconstructive Surgery.

Plastic Surgery TestimonialPlastic Surgery Testimonial


Hello my name is AR. I am a former patient of yours at Children’s hospital in Orange County. I started seeing you long before I could remember but was about 9 when I was diagnosed with melanoma. It took 2 surgeries to remove my entire birthmark fortunately I required no chemotherapy. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in keeping me alive. I hope you will be glad to know that I am well, now 20 years old, and in college pursuing a degree in architecture. Again thank you for everything you, your team did for me.

Sincerely AR


I’m not sure if I will be able to fully convey how my wife and I feel about Dr. Sundine and his office manager Toni, but here it goes. One of our twin sons Lucas was in need of a pretty major surgery. He had what ended up being a large venous malformation on his forehead that needed to be removed. The surgery required an incision from ear to ear across the top of his head so they could pull the forehead skin down to access to the malformation. As a parents, this sounded so scary, but Dr. Sundine being such a caring and patient person was able to bring some piece of mind to my wife and me during such a frightening time. We took our son to several doctors trying to get the best care possible, but as soon as we met Dr. Sundine we knew instantly that we have found the right doctor for our son. As a matter of fact Dr. Sundine was out of network and not covered by our insurance, so we went to battle with our insurance just so our son could be seen by him. To make a long story short, Dr. Sundine performed the surgery at CHOC and everything turned out better than great!!! He is very reassuring with his recommendations and always put our son’s wellbeing first as he said. Currently, Lucas is doing amazing and his scar is almost invisible. I also can’t say enough about Toni, Dr. Sundine’s office manager. She is such an amazing and caring person. She answered all of our question with such compassion and concern; she was so kind and accommodated us in every way possible. Toni truly made the whole process as easy as it could possibly be. If any parent ever wants to call us about Dr. Sundine and our experience please feel free to contact us at (949) 813-3372

Thank You So Much Dr. Sundine and Ms.Toni, and your amazing team and what is more important very kind and caring human beings!!!

With Much Love,
Matt, Viviana, Lucas and Zachary


Dr. Sundine came highly recommended by our pediatrician, and we are very happy with the results. Our four-year old son had an accident while in Hawaii on vacation, and it resulted in a 1″ cut above his eyebrow. We decided to take him to the emergency room in Hawaii, and they use Dermabond (no stitches). After a few days of healing, he bumped heads with his brother, and the cut reopened, bleeding under the Dermabond. We again took him to the emergency room, and the 2nd ER doctor chose to leave the old Dermabond and opted to add more Dermabond without cleaning the wound. Now, I should have questionned her procedures but under the circumstances, I assumed she knew what she was doing.

By the time we got him to Dr. Sundine, the wound had been persistently bleeding for almost a month and our poor kid had lost 1/2 of his eyebrow, because of the excess Dermabond. Dr. Sundine was patient with us, and provided us options. We chose to have our son go under general anesthesia so that Dr. Sundine could quickly clean the wound, freshen the edges and stitch it properly so that there would be little or no scarring. While that was a difficult decision to make, the easy decision was using Dr. Sundine to perform the surgery on our son. He is a highly skilled surgeon who is fantastic with children, and two weeks after Dr. Sundine’s surgery, our son’s cut was almost completely healed (barely visible), he was back in the water happily swimming, and most of his eyebrow has grown back. Thank you, Dr. Sundine, for your great work!



“I had a visibly collapsed rt nostril & wasn’t able to breathe. I’ve had multiple facial reconstructive operations for a birth defect. I consulted with a number of surgeons and many said that nothing could be done about this- after meeting w/ Dr. Sundine I felt comfortable & confident he could help. He answered all of my questions patiently and explained the procedure and process. Post op care has been a positive experience with no wait time and the office staff’s responsiveness being timely and considerate. Toni has been kind and compassionate thru the entire process. Dr. Sundine surpassed my expectations – the results are amazing! It takes courage to commit to any life changing action and with Dr. Sundine’s knowledge, skill, and compassion I feel I was in the best hands.”

Dr. Michael Sundine Rocks!

“My brow lift exceeded my wildest expectations! Dr. Sundine will be my plastic surgeon for life. Being involved in many community events in the Orange County and Los Angeles area it is always essential to look my absolute best. My low and sagging brow made me appear tired- even when I was not. When I had my consultation with Dr. Sundine he was a true professional but also demonstrated his artistic eye for beauty. The entire staff is very warm, friendly, and efficient. I cannot thank Dr. Sundine enough! It’s only been a month since my surgery and my recovery has been very smooth and quick! I would highly recommend Dr. Sundine!”

Hi there, I just wanted to let Dr. Sundine know that he did an amazing job on my daughter’s nose and lip 11 years ago. ALL of her doctors rave about what a wonderful job he did and I always tell them that he told me that he did his smallest stitch yet on her. He is amazing at what he does.

Review on 10/13/2012

“My daughter, currently 11 months old, was born with a bilateral cleft lip/palate. At 6 weeks old she started wearing a device called the NAM. She wore this for 5 months. When she turned 6 months old, she was ready for surgery. Well, the surgeon that was supposed to do her surgery couldn’t get her in for 3 months!!!! We called our craniofacial team at CHOC and told them of the situation. They had us call Dr. Sundine! Best thing we could have ever done!! The receptionist, Toni, gave us all the instructions we needed to get authorization to be seen by him. Within 24 hours everything was squared away and we were seen by him that same week!! This was incredible!! Everything does happen for a reason!

When we met him, we just knew that our daughter was in the best hands ever!! He was so caring and compassionate and took the time to answer any and all the questions we had for him. He booked her surgery for the following week. Talk about impressive!! We couldn’t have been more pleased!!

He performed the lip repair surgery on her as an outpatient procedure…incredible!! Her healing time was so rapid and the best news is…the results are amazing!!!

She just had her palate surgery along with her lip pits (little pits on her bottom lip that are associated with the cleft) removed 6 weeks ago! Another incredible job!! Our daughter had to stay in the hospital for 2 nights and Dr. Sundine made certain he came to visit her every day she was in the hospital to see how she was doing. This meant so much to my husband and me!! Again he answered all our questions and was ever so caring!!

We could not have asked for a better surgeon for our daughter! He really is an incredible surgeon and wonderful man!! I highly recommend him!!!

If you are interested in hearing more about him or seeing results from my daughter, please don’t hesitate to email me.”

— Cindy Snyder

Review on 10/29/2012

A year ago next month my little girl fell late one night and the area above her lip popped open like a seam. We went straight to the E.R. and even though they did not have a plastic surgeon on staff we decided to go ahead and have it fixed for fear of infection. After a very long night we went home but the wound site did not look right to me so we took her in to see her pediatrician.

I was given a few plastic surgeons names but only one was willing to see us immediately! Dr. Sundine, and his office staff were wonderful from the start and thankfully we did go in immediately. He needed to operate not only to redo the stitches themselves, but to also avoid any further scarring because of the crosstitching done in the emergency room.

If we had waited, like some of the other plastic surgeons recommended (on the phone) we would not even be able to fix it because of the placement of the wound. In order to excise the scar to create a new one they would have to remove tissue, causing a permanent lip curl!

We operated on my little one the very next day, and a year and 24 stitches later, I HARDLY notice anything at all!! If I see anything it is only because I know where it is!
I cannot thank both Dr. Sundine and Toni enough!
Dr. Sundine’s kind nature, expertise and professionalism are exactly what my little girl needed and deserved! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

— Vicky Frousakis & Katerina (spitfire) Frousakis

Review on 11/2/2012

Who would have thought after our daughter endured a horrific injury from a sports accident 9 months and 30+ procedures later that she would come out of it with a scar that tells the story but better yet the ability to go about her life normally all due to Dr. Sundine’s commitment, encouragement and passion. Dr. Sundine embarked on an adventure with us that started 7 months ago -that took us through 4 months using a wound vac, 2x a week trips to the surgical center for 5 months, two skin grafts and finally rehab. Wound care was all new to us let alone the process of healing and plastic surgery. His willingness to explain what was going on along the way, words of encouragement and sense of calm made the situation a little less stressful. His ability to make our 12 year old daughter feel safe, make her smile before she went under each time, and for her to have confidence that there would be an end to the madness and that she would be back out on the fields in time was amazing. Every time we see her back out on the fields now we thank Dr. Sundine and Toni for everything they have done for her – we are very lucky that Dr. Sundine came into her life when he did – the outcome could have been very different if he weren’t there for her.

— Debbie N.


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