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After years of agonizing over the size and/or shape of your nose, you may finally consider doing something about it. If you’ve always imagined what you would look like if only your nose was a little smaller, if that nagging nasal bump was gone, if it was straighter or if your nasal tip was not as pointy, Newport Beach rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Michael Sundine can perform cosmetic nose reshaping surgery to help you achieve the nose you have always desired.

Dr. Sundine performs both primary and secondary rhinoplasty procedures and is known among Newport Beach facial plastic surgery patients as one of the more skilled nose surgeons in the region.

To learn more about nose reshaping surgery in Orange County, please read the paragraphs below. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Sundine, please contact his practice at (949) 706-3100.

Who Is a Candidate for Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Dr. Sundine will review your medical history and closely examine your nasal anatomy to determine if you are a good candidate for nose reshaping surgery. If you are a smoker or are taking any herbal supplements, it is very important that you disclose this information. Smoking compromises blood flow to your skin and will greatly affect the healing process. Dr. Sundine will most likely ask you to quit before proceeding with surgery.

While determining your candidacy, Dr. Sundine will also talk to you about your aesthetic concerns and what can be done to give you the nose you want.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure in Newport Beach

Dr. Sundine will use one of two techniques when performing your nose surgery: open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty. If you are looking for minor cosmetic changes, closed rhinoplasty is frequently used. With this procedure, the incisions are created on the inside of the nose. Dr. Sundine uses small surgical tools to manipulate your nasal tissue in order to produce the desired result. Open rhinoplasty involves incisions in the columella, the strip of skin between the nostrils; the top layers of skin are then lifted back. This procedure allows greater visibility and manipulation of the underlying nasal structures. The results are also more predictable.

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia at an accredited outpatient facility. You will be sent home a few hours after surgery.

Recovering from Rhinoplasty Surgery

After you wake up from your rhinoplasty surgery, your nose will have an external splint and a moustache dressing. Your face will most likely feel sore. You will have some splints inside of your nose, which will keep the tissues intact during the healing process. You will be given a prescription for pain medication and some antibiotics and post-operative instructions on how to care for yourself. The bandages are usually removed seven days after surgery.

During the days and weeks following nose surgery, you should avoid smoking, blowing you nose and participating in strenuous physical activities. Dr. Sundine will closely monitor your healing process. You will most likely be able to return to your daily routine within 10 days. Please note that while you nose will heal fully within a few weeks, the results will become visible gradually, and the final outcome may not be evident for up to 12 months.

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