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If you feel that your chin is too weak or receding, there is hope. Chin implants are an excellent option for those who feel like their chin should be more prominent and in balance with their face. A chin implant modifies the contour and increases the dimensions of the chin. Dr. Sundine has years of experience placing chin implants and delivers excellent aesthetic results for both men and women desiring a more prominent and shapely chin.

Chin implants come in various shapes and sizes and are made of soft silicone, which provides for natural-looking results. They do not contain liquid silicone, so the chance of migrating silicone is eliminated. Once placed, chin implants should not shift out of their position, even on impact.

Dr. Sundine is also a craniofacial surgeon and routinely performs movements of facial bones. For those patients who are not interested in the placement of a chin implant, a sliding genioplasty can be performed. During a sliding genioplasty the bone of the chin is cut and moved forward and is plated into position. Incisions are made inside the mouth. Dental X-rays are needed prior to performing the procedure. To learn more about chin augmentation surgery, please read the paragraphs below. To schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Sundine, please contact his practice at (949) 706-3100.

Who Is a Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

Dr. Sundine is an experienced medical professional who is qualified to determine each patient’s candidacy for a chin implant. In general, patients must be in good health and have realistic expectations. The best candidates are individuals who have an underdeveloped chin that disrupts the facial profile. A patient’s bite or dental occlusion is also closely examined to determine his or her candidacy. Although a chin implant will not affect the patient’s bite, those who have a significant malocclusion may need an additional procedure to correct the bite prior to receiving a chin implant.

If you are a candidate, Dr. Sundine will then develop a customized treatment plan just for you, which outlines the best style of the chin implant, the ideal size and the best placement for incisions. Chin augmentation is sometimes performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty in Orange County for a complete, balanced rejuvenation.

The Chin Augmentation Procedure in Newport Beach

The placement of a chin implant is usually performed under general anesthesia at a fully accredited medical facility. Dr. Sundine can place the chin implant externally through incisions under the chin, or internally through small incisions on the inside of the mouth. External incisions are recommended over incisions on the inside of the mouth to minimize the risk of scar tissue formation or lip dysfunction. Once the incisions are made, a pocket is formed and the implant is placed directly on the chin bone and sewn in place. The implant is firm and essentially undetectable after the healing process. The chin implant can also be removed in case of any complications. However, most patients achieve great results that do not change over time.

Recovering from Chin Augmentation Surgery

After chin augmentation surgery, you will stay in a recovery room for one to two hours, after which time you are free to go home. You should arrange transportation as you will be drowsy from anesthesia. For the next few days, you will experience some bruising and swelling, which is normal. It is important to keep the head elevated for at least three to five days – even while you sleep. You may return to work within one week. It is important to note that your chin may feel numb for up to 10 days. Dr. Sundine will provide you with all the necessary post-operative medications and detailed aftercare instructions. He will see you on a regular basis until you are completely healed and happy with your results.

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Dr. Sundine is a gifted facial plastic surgeon who has helped many patients improve their appearance through chin augmentation and chin implant surgery. If you would like to learn more about the procedure, or other procedures available such as Orange County facelift or eyelid surgery, contact his practice today at (949) 706-3100 to schedule a consultation.

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