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Cleft lip with or without cleft palate occurs in about 1 out of 700 live births. The condition may affect either the right side, the left side, or both sides. The cleft may either be complete (full vertical height of the lip) or incomplete. In most cases of cleft lip, there is an associated cleft of the palate. The cleft may cause difficulties with feeding, speech, breathing, dentition, and growth.

Dr. Sundine is a member of the Cleft/Craniofacial Team at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and works with the other members of the team to ensure the optimal outcome for patients with a cleft lip. Dr. Sundine is considered an expert in this field, and has both a national and international prescience because of his expertise and skill in this and other facial aesthetic procedures.

The repair of the lip is typically performed at approximately 3 months following the child’s birth. The repair of the lip is also associated with an aggressive repair of the cleft nasal deformity. Dr. Sundine routinely uses nasal splints postoperatively to reduce scar contracture that may affect the appearance of the nose. One week postoperatively the patient is returned to the operating room for a brief suture removal under anesthesia.

Dr. Sundine is also considered an expert for cleft lip repair revisions, for children, teenagers, and adults. People come from out of the state, as well as out of the country, for his specific expertise in this procedure. Some of the reasons for the need for revision of cleft lip repairs include: underrotation of the cleft repair, malalignment of the lip, fullness of the lip, or a whistling deformity (notch in the free border of the lip). Oftentimes young teenagers and adults seek out Dr. Sundine to repair these deformities, and to help them gain the confidence they need to move forward with their career goals, school goals, and in general feel better about themselves. These repairs are typically performed on an outpatient basis. The exact treatment necessary is dependent on the deformity seen.

For more information on cleft lip surgery, please contact Michael J. Sundine MD at 949-706-3100 to schedule a consultation.

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